Available in June, July and August. The Somerset Levels Wildlife Filmmaking Course is offered as a 2 or 4 day course. This is not a residential course and you will need to find your own accommodation.


The 2 day wildlife filmmaking course is based on the Somerset Levels. This is an opportunity for you to shoot wildlife footage, rather than storyboard a film.

  • Meet at 9am each day on location
  • Shoot footage of birds, landscapes, nature and macro
  • Drinks and snacks provided throughout the days
  • Transport throughout the days
  • All filming and audio equipment provided
  • Optional extra for edited montage of footage uploaded to Vimeo

You will spend 2 days filming under the supportive eye of the course leader.  Equipment will be provided. Hot drinks and snacks provided throughout the day. Use of private hides, private land and countryside.

“S-J is a really supportive mentor with a great sense of humour, making the entire experience enjoyable and highly worthwhile” Brian.

Shooting a Timelapse video of the sunset across the Somerset Levels
No previous filming experience is necessary but a desire to watch and record wildlife and nature in a peaceful and enjoyable manner is a must. This is a great introduction to set you on your way to making further wildlife films.


Optional extra £100 for an edited montage of your footage

Courses are available all year, please email S-J to request date availability

A £100 non refundable deposit is required to secure a place.

“After my course on Mull with Wild Island Film School, I decided to boost my filmmaking experience and do the 2-day course on the Somerset levels. I took what I learned on Mull and was able to progress and learn a lot in a short space of time. S-J has put together a brilliant plan which allowed me to make the most of the 2 days and really get to grips with camera work with wildlife, nature, landscapes and macro filming. A really interesting 2 days which boosted my confidence and knowledge of wildlife filmmaking.” Harry Nixon

learning how to film kingfishers


The 4 day course is also available on the Somerset Levels

If you’re interested in wildlife and nature and want to tell a story, this course is perfect for you. If you enjoy surrounding yourself with nature and waiting patiently to see a creature, this will be right up your street. People from all walks of life, ages and experience join the Wild Island Film School. From women who prefer a female mentor, to individuals looking to apply to the MA in Wildlife Filmmaking at UWE (with success!), everyone is welcome and very much supported.

  • Course notes
  • 2 week pre planning storyboarding via email prior to the practical course date
  • Meet at 9am each day on location
  • Drinks and snacks provided throughout the days
  • Transport throughout the days
  • All filming and audio equipment provided
  • Post course editing under your direction for final film to be supplied to you via Vimeo


£950. Minimum deposit of £200 required at time of booking. (non refundable)


Guiding, teaching/mentoring, drone filming, camera and editing equipment, travel whilst on the course, filming. Starter Pack Notes. Mentoring of short film prior and after the course to final edit. Use of binoculars, scopes, radios and portable hides.