Time by Georgie Bradbury

Time is a short film by Georgie Bradbury, based on a poem. It was filmed on the Wild Island Filmmaking School course on the Isle of Mull. Georgie did the 4 day residential course and really dedicated herself to learning new skills.


In Georgie’s words:

“I had a tremendous experience embarking on the wildlife filmmaking course on Mull. 
I had researched many courses but was drawn to this one with Wild Island Film School because of the chance to work with S-J and the opportunity of immersive time in the field.
Not only did I begin to learn the craft of wildlife filmmaking from an expert tutor in S-J but the whole experience was pretty life changing and affirming, it was a chance to reconnect with nature and step away from daily distractions and focus on film making.
Mull was incredible for an immersive course, totally lost in the natural environment, I felt I learnt how to respect the wildlife whilst creating a film that celebrated the wonderful environment there.
From the outset S-J guided me through the process of developing a story, finding the right locations and ensuring during my time there that we created something to be proud of. 
This is much more than a technical course, this is about how to film wildlife in the wild and find your personal expression in the process. The experience is wonderful from filmmaking right through to the hospitality throughout my stay. I would love to do it all over again” Georgie